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18+ only. _First: Be fruitful and multiply. _Second: Honour your Father and your Mother. _Third: Marry your Father and his Wives. _Fourth: Honor your Sisters and his Wives. _Fifth: Love the heathen, so that she may see the benefits of your way of life. _Sixth: build your body and your mind, so you may better serve Him, and be the best Mother, Wife, and Sister you can be.

Just Daddy rewarding me for being a good girl all week.

He knows how hard it is for me to not jump him when mom is around, so he makes sure that on weekends that we're alone to reward me for making sure I act normal and don't make her suspicious


Sometimes I just like to have it in her mouth. Not fucking her mouth, not trying to cum, not her even sucking it ... just hold it in her mouth while I watch TV or play on my phone. Just to remind her of her place and her role.

It started as a training tool, but it’s gotten to the point where if I don’t do this for a few days, she just kneels at my feet looking up at me with her big eyes, whimpering until I let her hold it in her mouth.

I LOVE this concept! 

The Double Meaning

When my girlfriend told she would be sleeping with grandpa Will, I suppossed she meant it in non-sexual way. Well...

You woke up with headache barely remember anything happened, then you found a short unknown video on your phone...

Early Bedtimes / Childish Punishments Captions